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About Us

Get the Market is the brainchild and brawn of serial entrepreneur, market research analyst, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, New Product Development Professional, and Leanstack Certified Coach,  Katherine Devine


Get the Market was rebranded from the award-winning world-class market research firm, kiSquared whose business reputation, market successes and reach spanned twenty years and two continents


Today, Get the Market works with clients in both private and public arenas, with teams already engaged in innovation as well as with newcomers on their first wild ride to market success.  Fasten your seat belt and let's enjoy the journey together!


And because “us” is about the people both external and internal to the company, that shared the vision, drove the mission and grew our experience roster year after year, here is a list of our influencers and companies that fertilized our trajectory.                                                                                                      


Richard Lennon

Susan Smiel 

Erin Kimelman

Rick Weins

Jason Dela Cruz

Ian Rentz

George Andrich

Jacques Boulet

Celina Philpott

Kaitlyn Roberts

Darrell Boyko

Neil McInnis

Taylor Watkins

Rachel Loewen 

Joseph (Joey) Ritchie

Kevin Sitka

Zach Wolfe

Derek Earl

Chad Wiebe

Bob Frayer

Cathleen Bambrick

Chad Friesen

Bryan Couch

Ash Maurya

Trish Wainikka

Richard Zieba

Kaeleigh Schroeder

Marco Ratte        

Tom Winkel

Hans Peper

Margaret McKenty

Emily Roscoe

Denise Hildebrand

Patti Galbraith

Bob Golding

Brian Essau

Paul Smith

Brigitte Sandron

Lawrie Cherniack

Shiyan Jin

Lawrence Traa

Rick Zabinski      

Our client 'logo soup'!

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