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We'll show you how...

Learn how to build a business model that works.

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You'll build a proven and effective business model that details your value proposition, the path to market, your customer segments, early adopters, cost structures and revenue streams.  You’ll be ready to tackle the next step - market validation! 

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Take a deep dive into every element in your business model using a lean continuous innovation approach. 

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These workshops are for you if...

You are pre-revenue or an established firm with a team engaged in product development.  Our workshops give you what you need, wherever you are in your journey to market whether it's the first time or the 100th.  You'll get there faster, spend less money and you'll rest easy knowing there is a market waiting there for you, ready to buy.    

You're inundated with great ideas from your colleagues and customers.  But now what?  We'll show you how to build an idea funnel that aligns with the innovation strategy and prioritizes those ideas for next stage development.  
We'll teach you how to utilize innovation (idea) funnels.

You can't understand why your products are failing in the marketplace or aren't meeting projections.  You look to marketing for the solution.  Stop.  Have you really defined a problem worth solving?  And for who?   Let's validate it now before it gets worse!
We'll show you how to identify and validate problems worth solving.

You know you want to design a customer-driven business model that works and gives you the competitive edge.  You've heard of early adopters and want some for yourself!  Of course you do!    
We'll give you the framework to define and validate customer segments and early adopters.

You've "guess worked" your way through product and market testing (or haven't done it at all).  Or you talk to a handful of friends or family and believe you're good to go.  Maybe not.  Learning how to find, recruit, interview, collect data and analyze it is key to your future successes.  
We'll show you exactly how to interview customers and test your offers.

You have little to no idea what your competitors are up to.  You think you know.  But the market is changing constantly and knowing what and how to collect the right data and then use it wisely is the key to your product built, and your marketing and sales strategies. 
We'll show you how to develop and use an existing alternatives database.

If you think the only thing you need to do is measure clicks, sign-ups and revenues.  Nope.  You need leading indicators that prevent you from launching the wrong product to the wrong market.  Learn what metrics matter and how to implement them. 
We'll teach you all about developing and utilizing AARRR metrics

You're ready to align your key strategies within a customer-driven framework because you know alignment saves money, time, and stress.  That means all three:  your innovation, marketing and sales strategies.  When aligned they make a formidable triumvirate.   
We'll train you in developing and implementing aligned innovation, marketing, and sales strategies

You think pitching to investors is about the story of you and your company.  Nope.  Most pitches focus on the "what" and lose credibility and investor interest by forgetting about your why and how.  And that's about validation proof and implementation.   
We'll show you how to pitch to investors with success


What you (or your team) will come away with...

Say goodbye to guesswork...

With our Lean Canvas 101 or our series of Masterclasses you’ll receive the PLAYBOOKS you need to identify, validate, pivot, define, interview, analyze, and develop the practices, plans, and processes you need to get-to-market successfully every time. 

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