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We'll do it for you...

If you want to move quickly on validating your market, confirming Problem / Solution fit, confirming Product / Market fit, or building Innovation, Marketing and Sales Strategies that work, hire us to get the job done with speed, accuracy, and insight. 

Market Research Services

Couples Therapy

Problem Identification Study


Starts with building a Lean Canvas and identifying all assumptions about the problem in the market we are attempting to solve.  Customers are defined, recruited, interviewed and data is analyzed and synthesized into an action ago. 

Timeframe:  10 business days.

Soap Store Customer

Customer and Early Adopter Segment Study


We confirm your business model assumptions with you first and then recruit, interview, analyze the data and confirm or refute your business model assumptions.

Timeframe:  10 business days.

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Problem Solution Fit Study


We confirm you have a monetizable problem that requires your intended solution.

Timeframe:  10 business days.


Product Market Fit Study

(Market Validation)

This is a robust quantitative study to confirm the market potential of your product.  Once validated, building the product is recommended and securing financing or investment 
is feasible.  

Timeframe:  15 business days.


Beta / Prototype Testing

(Market Testing)

Once the product is in its initial development we will test your product with the market by asking the right questions backed by a strategic methodology to gather relevant feedback. We will engage with customers authentically to create a “customer-driven product development focus” that will drive customer retention and referrals.  

Timeframe:  TBD

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