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we validate markets and test products 


Get the market intelligence to build and launch winning products. 

Market Research Services

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Did you know...

Most products and businesses fail

Over 30,000 new products launch each year in the North American market; 95% FAIL. ​

Why?  Not money.  Not lack of effort. 
The reason? No market validation.

Most failures are the result of not understanding the customer’s problem.

That means we're building products no one wants to buy.


Do you know what you don't know?

Never assume your product is the solution people really want...

Falling prey to loving your own product idea so much you build it before you validate it is lethal to your success. 

Sure, you know a lot. But EVERYTHING you think you know about your customers is, well, just a hypothesis (ouch).

Your first job is to identify a problem in the market worth solving; that’s means talking to customers first and testing all your customer and market place assumptions.

Rich customer feedback is the magic sauce you hunger for.  Great experiments reveal market place problems customers are willing to pay for to go away. 

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Failed innovations and lackluster business models are devasting to morale, the bottom line, and your future.  

You work hard; getting a successful product to market shouldn’t be this expensive, risky or difficult.


Achieving market success shouldn’t be about luck, timing, or deep pockets.
There is a way of doing this right! 

We’ll provide you with the market intelligence you need! 

Take the GUESSWORK out of your product's success in the marketplace.

Traditional business plans don't work.

Let's fix it. 

Traditional business plans insist we create “Excel magic” and generate revenue projections that are unproven and unknowable.  That leaves us feeling uncomfortable and gets our “imposter” gene working overtime.  You don’t need that stress.  Nor do you have time to write documents that get shelved and never again see the light of day. 

While most new products and business fail, you don’t have to.  Instead, you can learn to make a mindset shift from tech push to market pull and embrace a proven plan with step-by-step actions to get your innovations to market the first time and every time.  That’s a promise. 

Value Proposition

What our clients are saying...

“In the grey and murky world of new product development, too often driven by technology push, convenient anecdotes or pure guesswork, Katherine brings quantifiable order, direction and risk mitigation. Where many firms, fad processes or flashy consultants pretend, Katherine is the real deal."

 Zach Wolff
Director, Sales and Business Development
Emergent BioSolutions

You deserve to lead your teams and your company to achievable, repeatable and sustainable innovation success

Here's how to get started...

We’ll train you, coach you and give you the market and customer intelligence you need to launch successful innovations and business models, every time. 

Let's get going ...

We know you want to be a world class entrepreneur, product manager or company visionary that launches successful innovations and business models every time.  But, to do that, you need a proven method you and your team can implement that’s cost effective and quick to do.

problem is most of us don’t know exactly how to do that, leaving us feeling, 'now what'?

We believe every company – regardless of how long you’ve been in business, deserves a proven method for ensuring market success with every innovation in your pipeline. 

We understand that isn’t always possible because no two product ideas are born equally or have the same market .  That’s why we work with you to build products that someone is just waiting to buy. 

Here’s how we do it: you contact us so we can assess where you’re at in the innovation process.  Next, we’ll provide you with a plan to get to market successfully. 


It’s that simple. 

So, schedule a call today with us. And in the meantime, download our free business model assessment tool that can help us get the conversation started.  Now you can stop worrying about the time and resources wasted on building a product that may never turn a profit.  Instead, mitigate product develop risk, build only those innovations that make sense and win the day for you, your team, and your company.

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